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My name is Nick Wolfe and I am a professional accredited Counsellor. My practice covers many talking therapies including the relatively new Single Session Therapy (SST) . So what ever problems you may be facing in life, use this time of year to start making changes. A new year – a new way of living. 

Camden and Islington NHS

I have also covered a weekly clinic for the NHS, specifically with the Camden & Islington NHS Trust.

A big issue today is HFA, High Functioning Anxiety. This is someone who appears totally in control on the outside whilst spinning many plates and  who doesn’t appear in the least bit stressed, but underneath, its a completely different story.  Is this you?

London Borough of Barnet logoI have  special interest in working with Young Persons who today more than even, need as much help as possible. Our young are our future but unfortunately, life today is not always easy for them. I setup and ran an onsite and outreach program for YP’s in Barnet for over 9 years.  This was enormously successful in terms of outcomes and financially for local social services.

It was my own experience of therapies, most types, that led me to where I am now. I suffered a major Life Changing accident 11 years ago and underwent short and long term therapy, covering Psychodynamic, Person Centred and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I had to deal with PTSD and resulting Depression. Counselling, was for me, a life saver and now I wish to pass this onto others


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We are London and North West Children & Young Persons Register LogoLondon’s premier centre  for Counselling/Therapy and I am sure we can help you with whatever issues you are struggling with, whether it be Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Social Issues, Low Self-esteem.

If you are finding life a bit tough or you feel that a little help could be useful to you please get in touch –


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07973 426 153

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Workplace Therapy (ERP) 

   My clients include those who work for NHS DVLA Police Deloitte FCA 


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How I work

I am a professional accredited Counsellor. My practice covers but not limited to CBT/REBT (Rational Behavioural Therapy) as I also use other approaches when the situation demands it, including the relatively new Single Session Therapy (SST) .

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Online Therapy

With the ever changing landscape we now find ourselves in, I am still offering Online sessions via Remote Video, Skype or What’s App. Don’t let the current situation overwhelm you. I do online sessions anyway for some clients on a regular basis so why not get in touch. 

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Workplace Therapy 

Otherwise known as EAP (Employment Assistance Program)

Counselling/Therapy for your workforce is not a cost but an investment


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Client Comments

SS Male 18

I cannot thank you enough for your help , getting me over my struggles leading up to my exams. However as of recently I feel a massive change in my attitude in which I am feeling much better thanks to you . Therefore I feel it would be best if we stopped the sessions for the time being as I feel they would be of little benefit to me for now. Once again, I greatly appreciate the help you have given me .

EF Female 34

Thank you, and thanks again for everything you’ve done to help me get into a better place, I appreciate it so much. It feels good to not feel ruled by anxiety! Take care and best wishes

CB Female 38

Thank you very much for all your help. You really helped me get to a more positive, happier place and whenever I’m in doubt, I just think of your words.

Cm Male 25

I’m finding a lot of encouragement with relaxation methods I’m exploring and feel I’m getting some solid benefit with thi

Some of the most common issues faced by my clients

Woman suffering an anxiety attack alone in the night

Counselling for Anxiety

Anxiety is the feeling you have when you think that something unpleasant is going to happen in the future. Other words such as feeling ‘apprehensive’, ‘uncertain’, ‘nervous’ and ‘on edge’ also provide a good description of feelings linked to anxiety.

This is completely normal and something that all human beings experience from time to time, when faced with situations that are difficult or threatening. 


Counselling for Depression

Depression can often be brought on by life stress, or by a sudden loss, such as relationship breakdown or the loss of a job.  It is characterised by low mood, pessimistic thoughts, hopelessness, poor sleep and the thought that life is not worth living.  

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Image portraying low self esteem

Low self-esteem

Low Self-esteem – I accept myself because I’m alive and have the capacity to enjoy my existence. I am not my behaviour. I can rate my traits and my behaviour, but it is impossible to rate something as complex as my ‘self.’ 

Self-esteem refers to how good we feel about ourselves.  Most people feel that they do reasonably well most of the time, though self-esteem can fall with a mistake or failure in some particular area.  

Anger Management

Head and shoulders of Angry Man imageIs your temper hijacking your life? It’s possible using tips and techniques to get anger under control and express your feelings in healthier ways. 


PTSD image of JigsawTrauma or PTSD is an anxiety disorder which may develop following exposure to any one of a variety of traumatic events that involve actual or threatened death, or serious injury. 

Social Anxiety

Image of 2 people laughing at a third as they walk pastrefers to an excessive anxiety about social situations.  Someone with social phobia might be afraid of blushing or stammering in conversation, and believe that if he does these things…


Obsessive compulsive woman aligning up pencils accurately on a glass tableOBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER (OCD) Well-established research suggests that a large majority of people sometimes experience unwanted, intrusive thoughts (OCD).  


IBS treatment from CBTcounsellor.comIrritable Bowel Syndrome IBS is a condition whereby the intestines squeeze too hard or not hard enough and cause food to move too quickly or too slowly through the digestive system.

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