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Hi I'm Nick

My name is Nick Wolfe and I am a professional accredited Counsellor and Coach.

I have experience in helping many different types of clients from 16 -75 years old covering a wide range of issues including Anxiety, Depression, Anger,  Dispute Resolution for Couples.

So whatever problems you may be facing in life, NOW as we approach Spring is a good a time as any to start making changes. Make a new start to the rest of your life.

I have also covered a weekly clinic specialising in Substance Abuse for the NHS. 

EVERY Young Person Matters – Whatever it Takes. I have for many  years had  a special interest in working with Young Persons. This led me to be involved in setting up the Grasvenor Project specifically to help Looked After Children (LAC) or other youngsters facing exclusion from school. 

Over many years we helped hundreds of Young People to turn their life around. using a combination of Onsite and Outreach services backed up with a team of over 40 Mentors. It’s worth remembering that Today more than ever,  young people need as much help as possible. Our young are our future but unfortunately, life today is not always easy for them.  See the video on the left. 

It was my own experience of therapies, most types, that led me to where I am now. I suffered a major Life Changing accident 11 years ago and underwent short and long term therapy, covering Psychodynamic, Person Centred and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I had to deal with PTSD and resulting Depression. Counselling, was for me, a life saver and now I wish to pass this onto others

A big issue today is HFA, High Functioning Anxiety.  This is someone who appears totally in control on the outside whilst spinning many plates and  who doesn’t appear in the least bit stressed, but underneath, its a completely different story.  Is this you?

We are London and North West London’s premier centre  for Counselling/Therapy and I am sure we can help you with whatever issues you are struggling with, whether it be DepressionAnxietyTrauma, Social IssuesLow Self-esteem.

If you are finding life a bit tough or you feel that a little help could be useful to you please get in touch – Call Me Now 


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How I Work

The Counselling Process

We Work Together

I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. As such I am bound by its Ethical Framework for Counselling Practice and in particular its’ strict rules about confidentiality.

I offer an integrative approach, which means I can draw from a diverse range of therapeutic approaches and interventions. This enables me to tailor my work to each individual client, so they can explore, better understand and then work through the difficulties they are experiencing. I will help you to gain more insight and understanding about who you really are, and what you want out of your life, so you can find a better way forward. I am warm, down to earth yet professional, and my style is to work with you. I am curious and sometimes challenging, but always supportive and non – judgemental.

As they say, “if not now, when?” so if you are looking for professional support to help you through a difficult time then call for a chat and let’s see where it takes us.

The Counselling Process

The counseling process refers to the series of steps and activities that occur during a counseling session or therapy session. While different therapists may have their own variations, the general counseling process typically involves the following stages:

  • Initial Contact and Assessment:
  • Building Rapport and Establishing Trust:
  • Goal Setting:
  • Exploration and Insight:
  • Intervention and Strategies:
  • Processing and Reflection:
  • Closure and Evaluation:

It’s important to remember that the counseling process is a collaborative effort between the therapist and the client. The therapist provides guidance, support, and expertise, while the client actively engages in the process, participates in sessions, and applies the strategies discussed outside of therapy to promote positive change and personal well-being.


How I deliver Therapy

he counselling process refers to the series of steps and activities that occur during a counselling session or therapy session. While different therapists may have their own variations, the general counselling process typically involves the following stages;

  1. Initial Contact and Assessment: Building Rapport and Establishing Trust
  2. Goal Setting:
  3. Exploration and Insight:
  4. Intervention and Strategies:
  5. Processing and Reflection:
  6. Closure and Evaluation

Whether you have been in Therapy before, or this is your first time.

Whether  you know what is troubling you or you just feel out of sorts, a quick Chat can determine whether you feel coming to see me will be helpful.

Let’s arrange that Chat. There nothing to lose but a great deal to gain.  



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Take the first step towards Better Mental Health

The first step can be the hardest. You could be surprised by how much better you feel just by making an initial appointment .

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