Permission to Record Sessions

Session Recordings

I am currently receiving additional training from the College of Cognitive Behavioural Therapies to gain an Advanced Diploma. Audio recordings of sessions are needed to help your practitioner develop specialist skills.

The recordings are used to study exactly how the service was provided to you and focus on the practitioner rather than on yourself.

They will only be heard by tutors and clinical supervisors within the Training Centre for student training purposes.

All students and tutors are qualified and experienced mental health practitioners, governed by a professional code of conduct issued by BACP

The recordings will be treated as confidential material, just like your health records, so will be stored only in an encrypted format and only accessed securely on encrypted hardware, at all times. It is entirely optional that you consent to being recorded. If you do not consent or withdraw consent, this will not affect your access to the service.

Occasional supervision discussions where you case is presented may also be recorded for the purpose of supervisor’s training/development.

Please indicate your agreement to each of the following