Couple Counselling

Couple Counselling

It might be seem strange but CBT/REBT is ideal for Couple Counselling/Couples experiencing some issues

The Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy approach starts with an assessment for each partner, either together or individually however it is important to understand that as this is Couples Therapy, anything disclosed by each partner will be disclosed to the other.

Depending on the presenting problems, specific questionnaires are administered and reviewed. Couple Counselling is exactly that. I do not work individually with each partner if I am seeing them as a couple.

As with individual REBT, negative beliefs are flushed out, discussed and targeted for change. All or nothing thinking, overgeneralizations and other common cognitive distortions lead to poor communication, anger, resentment and frustration. REBT paves the way to learn effective communication skills, negotiation skills and problem solving, improving the satisfaction and stability of a great many marriages.

Assignments may be given to couples to work on between sessions and reviewed at the next meeting.