Otherwise known as EAP (Employment Assistance Program)

Counselling/Therapy for your workforce is not a cost but an investment

Employee assistance programmes (EAP) are an employee benefit that provides your team with support and practical advice on issues that might be impacting their wellbeing and performance. An EAP generally includes face-to-face, telephone or online counselling and expert support on both personal and work-related issues, with the aim of increasing staff wellbeing and productivity, as well as reducing absences.

We’re here to support your team’s wellbeing anytime, anywhere.

Sometimes issues or concerns at work or at home can affect your employees and lead to absence or presenteeism, but sympathetic, impartial support and advice may be all that’s needed.

Employees and their family members over the age of 16 can easily access online resources covering a range of self-help topics. They can also call our free employee assistance programme helpline 24/7 to get immediate emotional and practical support and advice from a qualified expert.

For Employers

Improves engagement and productivity

Helps improve employee morale and engagement. Preventing personal issues from impacting on work, such as reducing absences from work.

Identifies issues

Provides insightful reporting to identify key issues and health risks within your organisation that can help to improve your wellbeing strategy.

For Employees

Confidential counselling

Empower your employees to take control of their health and address any concerns they may have. The therapy can be delivered remotely over the telephone, online or in person. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and other specialist techniques can also be provided.

Information from experts

Practical and emotional advice from qualified experts over the phone, plus access to online information and tools focused on enhancing and supporting your team’s wellbeing.

Estimated Savings††: £8,491

Average cost of EAP: £1,168

Net benefit: £7,323

Results taken from Bupa EAP survey 12 months to July 2018††Estimated saving calculated using EAPA ROI Model based on a group of 93 employees with full EAP and an average usage of 5.4%Bupa annual guide price based on a group of 93 employees and subject to any existing utilisation of the service which will need to be provided to Bupa