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As an Accredited Psychotherapist/Counsellor I can help  and support you to live the best life you can.  Life is full of changing circumstances, most of which are out of our control. These feelings can become so overpowering we find it difficult to carry out our everyday lives in a way we are happy with. Feeling ill at ease mentally affects our physical health too; therefore, it needs to be addressed.

I offer a safe and unjudgmental environment for you to come and offload, whatever problems you are facing, such as: 

Couple/Relationship Counselling, Anxiety, High Functioning Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Eating Disorders, Anger Management  to name but a few 

I am available for bothIllustration of sad lady in front of screen talking to a counsellor Face2Face and Remote Counselling 




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Hi, I'm Nick Wolfe

Accredited Psychotherapist/Counsellor/Coach

Throughout our time together, I will help you to react differently to whatever is currently unsettling you

Whether this is your first seeing a therapist or you have been before, let’s discover together how  we can make your life better 

My practice covers many talking therapies including the relatively new Single Session Therapy (SST) . So whatever problems you may be facing in life,  NOW as we approach Spring is as good a time as any to start making changes. Make a new start to the rest of your life.

A big issue today is HFA, High Functioning Anxiety.  This is someone who appears totally in control on the outside whilst spinning many plates and  who doesn’t appear in the least bit stressed, but underneath, its a completely different story.  Is this you?

It was my own experience of therapies, most types, that led me to where I am now. I suffered a major Life Changing accident 11 years ago and underwent short and long term therapy, covering Psychodynamic, Person Centred and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I had to deal with PTSD and resulting Depression. Counselling, was for me, a life saver and now I wish to pass this onto others

If you are finding life a bit tough or you feel that a little help could be useful to you please get in touch 

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How I work

I offer an integrative approach, which means I draw on a diverse range of approaches and interventions. 

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What is CBT

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on addressing the relationship between a person’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. 

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The Counselling Process

The Counseling Process refers to the series of steps and activities that occur during a counselling session. 

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Couple Counselling

Couples/relationship therapy, is something I often refer to as Conflict Resolution.  As a qualified Counsellor I am available for you to come with your partner or alone 

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Providing therapy in the workplace is not a cost but an investment

Often referred to as Employee assistance programmes (EAP) are an employee benefit that provides your team with support and practical advice on issues that might be impacting their wellbeing and performance. 

EAPs are intended to create a healthier and more productive work environment by helping employees address personal issues that might otherwise affect their job performance and overall well-being. These programs are usually managed by external third-party providers to ensure confidentiality and impartiality. EAPs can be an essential part of an organization’s efforts to promote employee mental health and work-life balance.


If you can't come to me we can meet online

With the ever changing landscape we now find ourselves in, sometimes its more convenient to have online sessions even though Face2Face sessions are now also offered. Don’t let today’s situation overwhelm you. Tell me more… 

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Quite a new concept but it does have a place

At first glance, the answer to this question is simple. Single-Session Therapy (SST) is therapy that lasts for one session. And indeed, there are already times when therapy does last for a single session. 

Single-session therapy (SST) is a form of psychotherapy or counseling that aims to provide meaningful therapeutic change within a single session. The concept challenges the traditional notion that therapy requires multiple sessions over an extended period of time. Instead, SST focuses on addressing a specific issue or concern in a concise and goal-oriented manner. Find out more


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Some Common Presenting Issues

I work with clients who come with all sorts of issues like Anxiety, Depression, Social Anxiety, Anger, OCD, Low Self-Esteem, Eating Disorders. 

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Counselling for Low Self-esteem

Low Self-esteem – I accept myself because I’m alive and have the capacity to enjoy my existence. I am not...

Illustration for General Anxiety Disorder GAD

Counselling for Anxiety

Anxiety is the feeling you have when you think that something unpleasant is going to happen in the future. Other...

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Counselling for Depression

Depression can often be brought on by life stress, or by a sudden loss, such as relationship breakdown or the...

Illustration of showing 2 sides of High Functioning Anxiety

High Functioning Anxiety

High-functioning anxiety is a term used to describe a specific manifestation of anxiety where individuals experience significant anxiety symptoms but...

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