Illustration of Couple in Counselling

Couple Counselling

Couples/relationship therapy, is something I often refer to as Conflict Resolution. This is a service for those who are experiencing difficulties within their relationship. As a qualified counsellor I am available for you to come with your partner or alone, whether you are same sex or heterosexual, married or single.

You will discover safe, confidential and non judgmental surroundings where BOTH of you can express how you really feel. You will each have time to talk, shout, cry or think quietly in a contained environment.

Couple/relationship counselling helps you to understand each other by improving communication and by being able to express your feelings, as well as your arguments. It allows you to explore the difficulties and conflicts in your present or previous relationship. Couples therapy involves learning how to communicate more effectively, and how to listen more closely. Sometimes the process is similar to individual psychotherapy, sometimes like mediation, sometimes educational.

Common issues addressed in Couple Counselling include communication problems (the most common reason for the breakdown of a relationship), trust issues, infidelity, financial disagreements, sexual difficulties, and differences in parenting styles. The goal is to promote understanding, empathy, and mutual respect between partners, ultimately fostering a more satisfying and fulfilling relationship.