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Barnet North London or Harley St. Central London
Code of Ethics
I adhere to British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and National Counselling Society (NCS)  

Fees (As a student my rates are)
I currently charge £85 for an individual and £95 for two people  

Once a regular weekly session has been arranged, missed sessions do have to be paid for in full whether attended or not, until our agreed ending.   If you give me two weeks or more notice, there is no charge for a missed session  

Payment is due in cash at the end of each session or online prior to each session. Credit card payments can also be accepted if arranged in advance  

Sessions last for 50 minutes for an individual and 60 minutes for couples. The “end time” of a session is not affected by late arrivals   I do not have a waiting room and I am unable to answer the door for early arrivals. There is plenty of free parking available.
Privacy & Personal Information
Individual’s rights We only store legitimate, relevant and accurate information about our clients. You have the right to request the following:
A copy of your personal data
Change personal data if inaccurate

Please contact us to exercise your rights. In accordance with EU regulations – GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we shall resolve your request within 30 days and at no cost.

Is your personal data secure?

We do not sell, pass on or provide any 3rd parties with any personal data of our clients unless we are required by law to do so. If you pose a serious threat to your own life or well-being (or that of a 3rd Party) and are not prepared to take steps to protect yourself/others, I will take steps to provide such protection.

I may discuss your case with my Clinical Supervisor, using only your Client ID for reference. At no time would I disclose any personal information by which you could be identified, therefore you would remain anonymous. 

I may record sessions for clinical supervision purposes but as above, at no time would I disclose any personal information by which you could be identified, therefore you would remain anonymous. 

If I am legally mandated to make my notes available.

All communications from us will only relate to upcoming or previous counselling sessions and/or out of session assignments which you agree to receive

We take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Any concerns regarding privacy or confidentiality should be email to
Privacy & Confidentiality
Ongoing clinical supervision is suggested by NCS. I receive this on a regular basis, as per their guidelines

All information disclosed during sessions is regarded by me as confidential, as is any received by my Supervisor where clients are kept anonymous. There are however some legal exceptions. Please ask if you would like further details.

All client records are protected both on and offline and no client information is shared with any third party. Exceptions to this policy may occur only where necessary to protect the safety of clients and/or others.

We will not contact clients on any telephone number or at any address if explicitly asked not to.